magical thinking...

We all do it, Some more than others. Some stay and live there, forever. Not childish thinking, which at times may be confused with MT but is really the way our brains grow and learn. Magical thinking says if I think it, it will happen or go away. Perhaps a nice way of saying, you live in denial. Never a Place to linger, but somewhere we have all gone, at one time or another. The part of the brain that allows us to believe in Santa, way after we are old enough to have bumped into the terrible truth. Yesterday, there was no magical thinking to be found, anywhere. Not even a little bit.

Headed to Costco...but needed to make a stop at this little gift shop on the way. Cute little wreaths, and wall decals and other things. Thought I would just pop in and see what they had for Christmas. As I pulled up to the front door, something looked odd. There was a man, followed by a woman, carryin gboxes to their truck. It was soon very obvious that the buliding was empty and that they weren't even waiting until after Christmas, to shut their doors. I backed out of my parking space, wondering how long they held on before there was no choice left.

Still heading toward Costco, I stopped at Target to look around. Ran into a friend who got sent home from work before noon, because there was no work. We visited a little and she explained how her husband got a stable job but had to take a huge cut in pay. I walked away, feeling her pain.

Costco is now in site. I do my business and head home. When I pull onto my street, I notice the cleaning truck at the renter's house across the street from mine. Even in less than desirable weather, these guys had constant yard sales. Every couple of weeks, right as rain. I always thought, they had to do it to make rent. The empty house reinforces that belief.

Hard to come home and sing, Deck The Halls, knowing that for some, it is going to be tough. There was no magical thinking that would make any of these situations, less complicated but it certainly made me stop and think. Life in the Real world is not fun, but is there any other way to live?