If I could get us all together, I would have a party! Not a lotion or cooking party but a my favorite things party. DD and I did this a few years ago and am itching to do it again. So, in the Here and Now, let's do this thing. A list of 3 physical things and three internet things. This is what mine looks like...

Image 3D - Remember those old 3D Viewmaster toys? With the endless reels of every conceivable character ever invented? Now you and yours can blow those characters out of the water. Upload 7 photos of your own choosing and they will send you personal reels of babies, birthdays, holidays or anything else you can think up. Got the first set for the fam at Christmas and they loved it. Plan on adding Miss M's birthday, next. Image3D.com

W.E.L.D.E.R.(iTunes) - my favorite app. Not usually a word game fan, this one has captured my heart and time. With 61,594 words in its vault, the words you think it would know, don't always make the cut and leaves you wondering, why. It is a great example of life in that you have to live in the Moment. There is very little time to set up potential words because every time you score a four letter word, some that you didn't even know exist, the tiles fall and your future plan is foiled. Love.

Sarah Vowell - my favorite author. She found a way to make me want, to learn about history. Her books are filled with humor, an obvious love of history and you will walk away, amazed. I have read most all of her books, time to have another SV treat coming my way.

As for my internet picks, this is where my head is today.

Momentjunkie.com - Don't care who you are, how old you are, or what Season of life you are in. Women always can relate to a wedding and this site will bring a rush of emotions. To capture an emotion is a second is a wonderful thing when you are the wedding photographer. It is a high not unlike one that comes with a package of Hostess Cupcakes but with no calories. It is a great place to treat yourself and share in the Love.

Tastykitchen.com - which is Pioneer's Woman site is the best recipe site I have found. Recipes are added daily, there is Something for everyone. I check it everyday and have a mountain of recipes. The newest recipes are always on top, a great site with fabulous ideas for your palate.

Positivelypresent.com There are very few of us to whom, being positive comes naturally and for those who do - it is a God-given gift. A beautiful place to refresh and renew and remind yourself, that you are worth it.

Wish we were doing this over delicious snacks with lots of laughter. Would be taking notes of your lists and loving learning more about you from your choices. While constantly changing and learning and growing, sharing our journeys though favorite things is jsut another way, we connect...