For every minute that passes in real time, 60 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube...

That is 5 months of video every hour.
That is 10 years of video every day.

More video is uploaded to youTube every month than has been broadcast by the big TV networks in the past 60 years.

And the pace is accelerating, last year the rate was only 48 hours per minute.

It is a mind blowing Story on the details of how YouTube works.

Which is why, while you and I blow off work to watch a monkey ride backwards on a pig, a small army is fighting a ceaseless battle, Sysyphean war to keep YouTube from collapsing under its own weight.

Director of User Experience, is how Margeret Gould Stewart's business card reads. Her job, is to create a container that will fit all of YouTube's vast diverse content. In other words, she is always redesigning how the background of YouTube appears. The background color which was white, is now gray because gray brings out the color in photos. Who'd a thought?

Parts of our world are literally, going at speeds we will never be able to comprehend. It makes me dizzy. It also makes me happy. Anything is possible, anything...