letting go...

DH has begun the process of letting go of 45 years at his job. He didn't imagine at 18 that this is where he would be. It was to be a short tern job. Art and San Francisco was where he was headed. Military, school, work and finally me came along and changed his plan.

The last few months have been taking up by training the four who will take over for him. By ending his one man show, times like this - the phone thing will be a thing of the past. He and by he I mean me, have endured this telephone thing for years. Before cell phones, we were tied to the house because of his 24/7 commitment. I have not so kiddingly said I imagine that our phone number is written in most bathrooms between Here and There.

Not just those at the plant but truck drivers looking for directions off the interstate. Many of them wanting to unload on off hours and being told, they would have to layover, like it of not. Can't tell you how many nights he has had to jump out of bed and fly out the door. Hard to believe he is not a doctor just the Keeper of All Things, French Fries. McDonald's may seem like just a fun place where the Hamburglar used to live but is a strong, task master.

Last weekend, we took Keaton to a fancy brunch and yet again, the phone rings. We have all learned that our lives go on and no longer wait for him. Birthdays, holidays even brunches have left us with no option.

Now on the eve of change, I wonder how difficult it will be for him when he does retire. He may be the head honcho at work but all that stops, soon. We have been practicing our soon to be new life. He knows all about Happy Hour at Sonic, and other game changers. I think it will more difficult than what he thinks. Barking orders at me won't work and while he knows that with his heart, his head may take some convincing.

But, what I won't miss the most is that phone. The one that doesn't faze me anymore when it goes off in the middle of the night - multiple times. I will not miss him having into scream into the phone at 3am because someone called from a Place where the noise level was off the chart. It is all coming to an end. Between Now and That day, the end is in sight and Someday, a phone ringing in the middle of the night will be what it always has been, sa sign of Things To Come...