January comes with its own expectations. Resolutions, a new attitude - lots and lots of expectations. Add your own to the mix and now, you've got a heap of trouble.

Yes, it is a natural break and we have nothing else to do. Waiting for W-2 and spring is not all it is cracked up to be. The sun was shining again today, with no sign of snow in site. Almost makes one giddy.

Dh and I have been talking about the 21 day thing. You know, the one where you can change a habit in 21 days. I know lots of nice people try to help with encouraging words and projects but the truth is, most 21 day plans fail. We are not 21 day kind of people. We are forever kind of people. If this was not true, then we would all be a lots skinnier, lungs would be clear and our pocketbooks would be oozing with the money we learned to save. 21 days is just a start. A little start. Any habit/thought/theme that brought you to a 21 day program, is going to be a lifelong commitment.

It is not going to be automatic,
You are going to struggle,
and no magic beanstalk is going to make it better.

Change Something if you ready to. Not because Someone else wants you too. Accept that is will be an everyday commitment. Know that you will have to fight uphill most days, but that some days will be easier than others. Start small, don't try to switch out everything at once and look out for January. She may not be the best one to trust, let her know who is boss and then find a way, to live together. 21 days is the beginning, not the end...