growing up...

One of the realities of 2011 hit me in last quarter but wasn't made clear until the beginning of 2012.

My kiddoes are growing up. Of course I knew this and had made some adjustments. Trying to learn to give them their space but found out they still like to be cuddled more than I thought. I ask permission more often to take there photo and in general, try not to embarrass them.

Mostly the days of helping with sick kids, or running to doctors visits is over. Each one has social commitments that take up whatever time school and homework doesn't. If I get to see them during the week, it is a Big Deal but it is all part of growing up, for them and for me.

So, I find myself in this limbo. Could try to get a job but with Stevie soon to be home, I want to be here to figure that out and honestly, enjoy sharing our world together, whatever that will look like.

The point is we all need to change and grow and it usually isn't very comfortable. We go from the frantic life of raising kids and working jobs to an empty nest. Then the nest becomes full again. Then the nest empties. A fluid life cycles where we seem to forget everything we know and have to learn all over again.

Feeling good that I am moving forward and whatever that looks like will be a new chapter and knowing that a hug is always near...