Don't jump! Being wrong isn't worth it! It will get better!

Most of us have the same feeling, while standing on a cliff. The idea of being wrong and admitting it is more than most of us, can bear.

It feels fatal

Most of us spend much of our time, gasping for security...That was the statement on the radio. We are so desperate to not feel anything bad, that the cost seem to justify the means to an end.

As my crazy, darling husband stood on the edge of the cliff and was a very bad influence for my grandson, I tried to see it from his view. All I wanted him to do was to get back down but knew that first, he wouldn't and second, it would be a great icon shot. His fearlessness is not mine. I have learned a bit from him but my natural mama bear - itis, tells me that Trouble, is never far.

What am I wrong about and what does that look like? I can tell you I am wrong about lots and lots of things, but understanding to be open about it is the first step to freedom and a chance to be better, every day...