It is already the 9th of the month and statistically, many of the resolutions that were made at the beginning of the month, are long gone.

We have good intentions, we really do.

This time, it is going to be different.
This time, I have the willpower/faith/attitude, and I want it.

A few weeks later, this isn't doable.

I believe that alot of what we do to yourselves, sets us up for failure by being unsustainable. If you start with Something that can not become a permanent part of your life, for whatever reason, you are already doomed.

Going to pick on NutriSystem and love on Weight Watchers.

One depends on eating their food.
One depends on eating your food.

One changes only the food you eat - habit.
One changes the way you eat food.

One is not based on a lifetime of sustainablility.
One is.

When you change a behavior, it needs to make sense. It also needs to be uncomplicated. Saw a new nail gun on TV that is suppose to be the cure-all for hanging photos but what happens when the nails run out? One of those Only Sold On TV deals that won't be around in a few months? We all don't need more gadgets in our lives, unless they are sustainable.Unless they bring, long term change. That is what is will make all our efforts, not in vain. That will bring change and peace and success and goodwill. Every thing else is just grabbing merciless for Something to make us feel better. Personally, I don't need one more of those kinds of deals in my life...