la nina...

Here we are, the last day of January. Tradionally here in the Northwest, a time of doom and gloom. Inversions are our thing and we can go more than a month, without seeing the sun. That has not been the case this year.

La Niña, the weather phenomenon widely blamed for withering drought in the southwestern United States and South America, will last into the Northern Hemisphere spring of 2012, the U.S. Climate Prediction Center said on Thursday.

"The latest observations ... suggest that La Niña will be of weak-to-moderate strength this winter, and will continue thereafter as a weak event until it likely dissipates sometime between March and May," the CPC said in its monthly update.

Every year, people from all weather climate opinions and prefrences, someone is going to be disappointed and downright over inconvenienced. This year, it is the snow people. Just last week the local ski resort got enough snow in less than 24 hours to open and try to recoup some of their 2 million dollars loss this season. Will they be able to go until April is unknown but by the looks of the sun who has been out everyday since that snow, I am guessing not.

It not affects skiers but sellers of All Things Snow. Tires, clothes, sports equipment - everyone suffers but that is what happens when you put all your Making A Living egg in one basket. I am sorry, hope you put back a few bucks when business was booming last year but I make no apologizes for my love for la nina, the wonderful sun and a big lack of the white stuff. I could not be happier. Not one little bit...