Halfway through my fifth month of 5 days a week. Miss Shelli was right, it doesn't get any easier and that was with warm weather. Now that is is cold, it is a bit harder to do, yet - so far, so good.

I know intellectually that is is good for weight and heart.
I know I need to do it.
but I have learned, there are other benefits.

Mental. I have noticed that the stress I may come in with on any given day, is dialed down or even gone, after a bit of exercise. It is a time to think thoughts and day dream. Getting one's mental ducks in a row, hard not to see the payoff there. For that only, the bright shirts are worth it.

There have been days when the last thing I wanted to do was put on those clothes and go work out. If you would look into my closet, it is a sea of black and denim. Still is. My gym clothes have their own basket. There is also every color you could imagine in that basket. All my workout shirts are bright colors. I hate bright colors.
However, laundry is easier and the brights are something of an icon. If I ever love exercise, the shirts will go black. Or grey, starting to like grey...