Notes from Goat and Sheep sermon.

Sheep will eat plants right out of the ground.
Sheep are followers

Goats eat, and walk. Eat, and walk.
Goats are leaders.

So you mix goats and sheep together. Goats keep moving and sheep, being natural followers, follow thereby protecting the flora of the land.

PJ went on to explain how when sheep get scared, they freeze. They literally won't move for wolf or shepherd. If one strays, the shepherd must go find him and carry the lost sheep back to the fold.

People are likened to sheep but not sure it is accurate. While some freeze, I would think that most of us, run quite. wild. In any and all directions, giving little thought to consequence. We would be a better lot if we did stay still and wait to be rescued instead of heading into the wilderness of life without some kind of GPS.

What about if you stay still and a wolf comes to eat you? Do you stay or go?

Fight or flight?

I think some of us are like sheep. When we are fixed on something, we will run it into the ground. My motto is, if one is good, two is better. If a little is good, than alot is much better. That is what gets me in trouble, time and time again. Will I ever learn? I dare say, probably not. The flora around me will attest to that.

Maybe some of us are like goats. Always on the move, never staying in one place for too long. Combining the two makes alot of sense. It always comes back to balance, doesn't it?, and it takes it takes a lifetime to learn that...