Living the Moment...

Saturday night with the grands and a game of Monopoly...

I am well aware that the days and nights of kids being with their grandparents is fleeting. Keaton is beginning to be of the age where his friends count the most. I get that. I remember being his age and, anywhere but home, was my anthem. So I make the most of my time, and watching for the signals when it is time to let go.

We might have a few more years with Gage and Morgan but the point is to live being in the Moment and in the meantime, put on your Big Girl training wheels and start learning to, let go.

Since we don't come with instructions, when it is time to let go, seems pretty murky territory. Some hang on too long, some, too short. Both have devestating consequences. The whole we are playing the game, I am fully aware of what is to come. We always tell Keaton, if he has something else to do, to do it. We will wait.

Wanting to have a wonderful relationship, complete with trust and respect for them, is what I hope for. For them to share what they want, if they want, when they want. That all takes work on my part, not theirs.

I love them so. They will never know what wonderful life they have brought to me. Living in the Moment is one of the best things they have ever shown.

Train a grandparent in the way they should go and they won't depart from it.

We have had the best. The very best. Thank you darlins, Love nana and poppa