Too close to call...

Couple of things I learned today about voting.

The company you work for is by law, required to let you off work to vote.

If you are in line when the polls close in your state, they have to allow you to vote.

Dh had to register this year before he could vote. His job has kept him from voting more than once. Those days are behind him now. We got to our polling place a bit before 9am to check it out and it was the perfect time to go. By the time we left, the lines were out the front door of the elementary school.

It is just past 6pm here and the polls are closing on the East Coast. Waiting for Ohio and Virginia returns to come in and perhaps give us the numbers we need to see a winner.

My state is a done deal. Red, through and through. There are many states just like us. No surprises, done deal.

Too close to call...

I love this night. Every four years, it is Must See TV, for me. All the money, and time we have invested. The millions of Facebook postings and repostings. Predictions are about to become true and false.The amount of stats that will be given tonight, makes me giddy. Who is voting, how they voted in 2000 and which counties are changing because the college kids are now older and able to vote.

Whether my guys wins or not, we win. The process that lasts for years, and makes us crazy is still the best in the world. Lots of men and women gave their lives so we could have the honor of voting. Would want them to be proud, that they didn't give their lives in vain. Thank you, each and every one...