I got to hug someone a few weeks ago.
that I never thought I would see again, let alone, hug.
I got to hug her three times.
I am still amazed and so thankful.

It is easy to be thankful about the big things. Every time we dodge one of life's potentially, devestating bullets, we breathe a sigh of relief. Whew, that was close. If we are young, we imagine that we have dodged them until Someday Down The Road. If we are older, we know SDTR, is close.

It is true that the older we get, the less energy we have for drama unless you are fueled by drama but most of us just don't have the energy it takes to sustain it. One has to do something with all that time and if we haven't in the past, there is no time like today to be thankful for something in our lives.

First Hurricane Sandy, yesterday the noreaster winds. Those people might have to dig a bit deep for their gratitude. Maybe just being alive is enough. I hope for many of them, that it is. Their needs may be overwhelming and maybe you are in the same boat and all you can offer is a hug, wouldn't that be enough?

Wherever we find ourselves today, whether in need or want, we are capable of doing something. Whether a hug, a word or sharing the idea of thankfulness, we can each do something. Find your something today...