my favorite week of the year...

Sickness took over the end of the week. A couple days with Miss M and then Papa. Everyone is on the mend and it is the eve of my favorite week of the year.

Three days of being able to soak in all that Thanksgiving week is before the swooshing sounds of retail clamoring, hit our personal airwaves. I love hustle and bustle, the energy of the holidays and over the years, have learned, how to enjoy without going as crazy. This week, these three little days, bring a spirit of what is to come, yet allows us to kick back and thoroughly, take it all in.

Whether we start our Black Friday experience Thanksgiving night or at 4am the next morning, it will remind us in grand style, that Christmas is coming. The more Christmases I have under my belt, the less it bothers me that we humans have turned it into something it was never meant to be. You take the good with the bad and make it work for you and yours. A little Jingle Bell Rock, never killed anyone.

Some of my family will be spending Thanksgiving in a hospital this year. Never in a million years, would they have guessed that summer would turn into fall and they would still find themselves, in a hospital room. We will be thinking about them and wishing them a wonderful Thanksgiving. That despite the location, they are all together. So very much to be thankful for.

May you and yours enjoy this week. May your Thanksgiving be a day of truly being thankful, no matter where you find yourself. Whatever the circumstances of your life, may you be able to say, thank you, for what you do have. May you learn to love living in the Moment, and adjust accordingly. May your heart be full, no matter what...

PS See you next week!