I ran across this quote this weekend and couldn't get my pen out fast enough. Funny that is would be written by a little yellow bear, so much Wisdom from Someone who lives in a remote forest but you never know where the Good Stuff may come from.

If ever there is a tomorrow

when we are not together

there is Something

you must almost remember...

You are braver than you believe,

Stronger than you seem,

and smarter than you think

but the most important thing is,

even if we are apart...

I will always be with you... Winnie The Pooh
I think that is the theology of most parents. I saw Denzel Washington on Oprah a while back and he said for as long as he could remember, his mom's nightly prayer was - Bless my children and my children's children.
The closest we ever get to understanding God's love for us is when we become parents. Having children can help that selfish part in each of us, disappear. We take on the care and feeding on Someone out side of ourselves and waht we thought was important, no longer is.
Now, imagine God and His love for us. We never know what is coming our way on any given day. We are not able to physically reach out and touch God now... but there is Something we must always remember,
We are braver than we believe,
Stronger than we seem
and smarter than we think
but the most important thing is,
even if we are apart,
He will always be with us...
For Ryan and Amy...