funny how fallin feels like flyin...for a little while

I was Going where I shouldn't go, Seeing what I shouldn't see, Doing what I shouldn't do, being who I shouldn't be. Fallin' and Flyin' from Crazy Heart/Jeff Bridges/Colin Farrell.

While there is not much Country Girl in me, I swear some of their lyrics feel downright gospel to me. While these exact words are not in the bible, their spirit oozes out of many chapters. Not technically the letter of the law, you would be hardpressed to deny, how true they really are.

Fabulous movie about behavior and consequences. About choice and reality. While drink may not register on your personal scale, I imagine we can each identify by inserting our own issue of choice. Have had countless conversations about why we do what we do and keep doing it for so long? Why does it take so long to learn and why can't we retain what we know to be true?

Why can't everything be as simple as riding a bike. Once you learn, you never, ever forget. You never see ads for refresher courses in bike riding. You learn it once and it sticks. I vote everything should works as well as bike riding. If I ever ran for President, that would be my platform. After a while, it would seems much more valuable than any legislative issues I could promise to fix.

The truth is most of life is not like bike riding, and more like a good country western song. Don't buy into the bad doesn't feel good thing, do yourself a favor and admit that sometimes fallin funny how fallin feels like flyin... for a little while .