Just finished cruising a forum about reading and whether the Kindle was the way to go. Interesting dialogue as people weighted it about the various types of ebook readers that they have or are wanting. With so many options, there was not a clear winner. The ebook Love seemed to be pretty well spread out

Interesting that this ebook thing popped up some years back but didn't pick up any momentum. Way before Kindle, there was a push but it fell on deaf ears. I remember thinking I was ready then. For me, there is no romance in adjusting my eyes to the new font with each book. Then, there is page turning. Not a big deal in the scheme of things but with every page, extra effort is needed to read those words close to the binding.

Those days are over. I imagine that library and 50 cent books at yard sales will continue for a long time but got to say that being able to read in bed with just the backlight from the Pad while DH sleeps, has made me a new woman.

Had a Nook for a couple days but it was obvious to me, there were issues and quite frankly, they were not the only rodeo in town. I was deciding whether to pull the trigger on the Kindle when I heard that the IPad was on its way. I decided to wait and make my choice after its release. The rest is history.

Here's the thing. The average American buys one book a year. I have been in several bookclubs and it has been very good for me. You read things you might never have read. They are not all winners, but they push you out of your comfort zone and take you where you never would have gone, given the choice. My current bookclub is ladies I have know forever. Got to say I am not sure that knowing each other so well maybe a determent instead of an advantage. A few years back, I started a neighborhood bookclub where I knew no one and it certainly had a different feel. Thinking about doing it again this fall...will see.

Now because of technology, I can download samples of books before having to buy. I've got five on my ebookshelf right now. It is a new way to learn and the possibilities are bigger than we can even imagine. Cruising the App store today, downloaded a free bible app and a few said they are only toting their Pads to church now. Funny, the Message doesn't change, just the messenger...