summer mode...

The last of the seniors. Graduation, party, summer. That is the drill. Flip flop are in, socks are out. Long sleeved shirts are put in the back of the closet and the summer tops are moved to the very front. We have had such a cold spring it has been a bit difficult to get aboard the short sleeved train but for me, it more of a biological mode.

I have summer rules.
I have summer food.
I have summer rituals.

I read in different places in the summer. Mostly outside on my porch swing. The mashed potatoes are going and potato salad is in. Our whole menu changes, not to be seen again for 6 months.

Just the like school year, summer is for doing whatever, whenever so any organized gigs are given up until next fall. No commitments in the good old summertime, just another rule.

If the weather starts cooperation, the hot cocoa is gone for a while. The pilot light on the fireplace is turned off and the summer bedding comes out while the heavy comforter hits the linen closet.

I am looking forward to it all. It gives me a bit of my childhood back. I am sure I remember California summers with much more love than actual clarity but nevertheless, it is as much a part of me and as real as it can be.

Even if we have had to wear coats a few days this week, the capri are out and the long pants - gone. Might not be the best look but you can't fight the mode...