the weary kind...

This ain't no place for the weary kind,
This ain't no place to lose your mind,
This ain't no place to fall behind,
Pick up your crazy heart and give it one more try...
The Weary Kind/Ryan Bingham.

When the world is treating you less than civilized or being downright cruel. They should be your theme song. When you think you can't take one more step, remember these words. We are wonderfully made in all our humanness. We call all be bent but not broken if we understand what is at stake.

weary expressive of fatigue. We are all smart enough to know when it is time to rest. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure it out but it does take discipline. Rest, before you get weary. This is going to take some practice, won't be done in a day. If you forget, start all over again. If you choose to ignore the warning and decide to continue on, remember that this world is no place to fall behind. While we are in these lives we have been given, it is no place to lose your mind. I think it is time to limit my time watching the news that is 90% bad. Not sure what you do when it happens in Real Life, like when my kids and gkids experienced a robbery in progress while dining at Costco Friday night? How do you plan for that?

Not talking about tragedy, those expected or those that come at us out of the blue. Just going about your everyday life. The bible says to put on armor of God to protect ourselves - sounds a bit familiar?

This is work, real work. There are preventive measures available for each of us. What is keeping you from protecting yourself? NO discounting the protection of the One who made us, using common sense is not anti God.

This world will make you weary, no doubt. There is a balance between being all you can be and living in a hurricane. Not sure it isn't a balancing act the whole time we are here. Not a task for the weary kind...