dangerously scary...

It is dangerously scary how much medicine can be practiced without ever actually talking to the patient. 6 year med.

Dr D's words, not mine. Now apply this to your life no matter what practicing medicine looks like in your life. You don't' have to have a career - this apply to just being human and I think if one can admit it, you are farther along in the process than what you think.

From what we believe to what we claim is the gospel truth. Because of the internet, we know have millions and millions and millions of people expressing their opinions on most everything, all the time. Wanting to be fair, I am guessing 95% of us ( yes, I am including myself) believe that whatever we are talking about, we would claim as the gospel truth. From what we should eat to what we should wear. More dangerously, what we should believe and what that belief should look like.

Dangerously scary.

Pretty strong words. You could read a truckload into this and maybe you should. More and more we tend to think that while practicing medicine, we don't even need a patient. WE are quick to diagnose and slow to do any kind of digging or research. That takes time and we are all looking for ways to find more not less.

From politics to religion, we are more concerned with getting out the word rather than the truth. When you think about it, information is more easily available than every before. All you have to do is Google it. i found out this week that in some areas, Google has done more harm because the information it gives on certain topics is wrong and harmful to those who accept is as total truth.

Maybe it is time to run whatever is on our minds through a second filter, one that would ask questions. Is this helpful or harmful? or maybe, Are there 140 other words that might encourage, bring humor or joy, that I might share instead. Like the two little old ladies gossiping at the park, and the one doing the listening is asking for more details and Miss Chatty Cathy tells her, I've already told you more than I know.... Dangerously scary me thinks.