Let's go take some barn pictures for those empty frames in our bedroom, he said, Friday night after dinner.

It started so innocently. Doesn't it always?

Grabbed the camera and headed down the road. Then he decided we should head over to another landmark which now, puts us in grandchildren territory. Call the kids and we will meet up later, So far, so good. By this time we were less than a mile from Best Buy with time to kill. DH had not seen an iPad up close, extra time and since I know they have none in stock and please call back May 25. Sounds good, let's go.

For a Friday evening, BB was pretty quiet and I had warned DH that there may be a line to see the demo one - no line. Three available and no line. We each grabbed one and in a very short time, he was hooked. NO PROBLEM - none in stock...

Until the salesman said, Just got some in, Want one?

We looked at each other... and gave in. Now the proud owners of an iPad. I can now play the accordian, drums and 2 pianos. I can type on a typewriter and even write a book, chapter by chapter. I imagine that this will be my new BFF and change the way I do business. Imagine Someday, it will be the way we all do business and then we will all be iHappy