crescent rod...

Bathroom remodel is now done. Plumbing and flooring done today. Since we had shower doors and wanted to go with a shower curtain, I headed out to BBand B to grab a curtain rod like the one in our other little bathroom. Brought it home and thought we were all ready to go. I had looked at the curved shower rod, used in finest hotels worldwide and decided, we probably didn't need it. Little bathroom, triple the price of a regular shower thank you.

The plumber talked DH in to trying one so I headed back, not convinced it was all it was cracked up to be and bothered DH to try it in the little bathroom so I could take it back and basically tell the plumber, he was wrong.

Guess what! One shower and I was sold. We had to go buy another one for the new bathtub. It is like night and day now, taking a shower. I can't believe how much more room there is and how much I needed this.

In Pastor Pete's late night tweet, he was talking about one of the things we need for spiritual growth is, to know when to remember and when to forget. Thinking there is great wisdom in that statement and somehow, the shower curtain for me, is all a part of it. Remembering and forgetting - what a dichotomy for the mind. Must dwell here for a while..and in the shower.