thank you...

Found a fabulous new blog this weekend, by Miss Leah. Her mom was big on thank you notes and she has taken it to a whole new level.

As kids, thank you notes were not a part of our childhood training. If you were thankful, you kept it to yourself or in cases of extreme thankfulness, you might make a verbal comment out loud to no one in particular.

Not just because they are related to me, but my grandkids are the most polite children I know. They didn't come that way - their parents fiercely encourage that they thank everyone in their lives for most everything. Now, it comes naturally. I am thanked for everything. From their games, events to an ice cream cone, they say it and mean it. They are perfect...ok, now I am over the top even for me!

Leah makes saying thank you fun and insightful. I am sure we do miss a lot and writing notes in the form of a blog, may spark even more thankfulness which is really gratitude's little brother. So, here I go...

Dear Today,

Thank you for a wonderful day of ordinary Moments that collectively, really were a Big Deal disguised. Sometimes, you just have to step back and look to see what is right in front of zalaine.