things I didn't expect to see...

Much has been made over the last 24 hours about the fact that Apple has managed to sell two million iPads in just 60 days — a pace dramatically ahead of the original iPhone, which took 74 days just to get a million units into the hands of the public. Much less-debated, but potentially more interesting for Apple’s long-term future, is that the iPad has grossed more than $1 billion in revenue by hitting the 2 million mark. At $499 a pop and units as pricey as $829, they’ve cleared that barrier by a flying leap in record time. For context about just what a monumental achievement this is, consider the fact that when FedEx reached $1 billion in gross sales in its tenth year of operation, that was the quickest rise to a billion dollars in revenue without acquisitions in the history of American business. Cult of Mac

Cancer will kill more than 13.2 million people a year by 2030, almost double the number who died from the disease in 2008, the United Nations' cancer research agency said on Tuesday. Reauters

Beer-swilling, doughnut-lover Homer Simpson has been named the greatest character created for television and film in the past 20 years Reuters

Al and Tipper Gore seperating after 40 years of marriage. People

Over the past two months, the Pope has led the Holy See's shift from silence and denial to calls to face the enemies from within the church. What is still missing, however, is any mention of the Holy Father's alleged role in the scandal. Can the Pope, the living embodiment of the ancient Gospel and absolute spiritual leader of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics, publicly atone for his sins and yet preserve the theological impregnability of the papacy? Time

A smoking two year old, the Pope having to explain his behavior and The kissing VP. Strange bedfellows, I imagine. The cure for cancer was in my range of acceptable beliefs. We certainly have poured enough money and effort but maybe, it is like world peace - just not doable this side of heaven.

I had a strange experience last week that changed my mind about all things capabl;e of being done. I was shocked, surprised and entertained. I never could have put the experience into my file of Possible Doings if I lived to be 200. My head was spinning and continued to for a few days. It was just a friendly reminder that this life and me - are not all we can be. In fact, we don't have a clue as to what might be coming next, no matter how much we try to control.

My world gets bigger every day.
I think that is the point.
Now, what's next?