Gage Day...

Dear Butterflies,

Please stay out of trouble.

Listen to your mom and dad.

Now you know to do what I told you to do.

Cute little butterflies, orange and black,

Small and big,

Today is the day when all of you go home with all of your family.

Love, Gage

Sharing his wisdom with the butterflies is just one of his many talents. I had the pleasure of spending some precious time with my boy yesterday. In spite of Mother Nature, we braved rain and wind to enjoy the carnival at his school. Umbrella in hand, we managed to win one round at the cakewalk and a real live fish. It did take two long waits in line to win the fish and I knew we either won one, or we would be stopping at the pet store on the way home. Some things are just too obvious - you couldn't miss it if you wanted too.

Before the 2 1/2 hour carnival, I had the honor of sitting at his desk for a few minutes while he was still at music. His desk is unusually neat, everything in its place. Books lined up perfectly - I took the opportunity to sharpen his two pencils just in case, there is some last minute work to do. I took a few minutes to pray over his little desk, for him and his school. Like all schools right now, this one is in trouble. Not sure about it's future, time will tell.

There is nothing quite like seeing the world through a 7 year old's mind. Rain is just a small inconvenience, not even big enough to pay any attention too. Even after 2 1/2 hours, he could have gone on for hours. We found a little piece of concrete to share our lunch, then we were off again. Waiting in long lines is a great way to enjoy little snips of conversations. You find out what is important in the short term and it really blows your mind as you struggle to not curse every raindrop coming at you.

I always learn so much from my babies. They have a view of the world that I can only reach through them. I can't imagine any advice I would give butterflies that compare with his - that is why I am the adult and they are the kids. Thanks Gage, I had a ball!!!