It's raining again today.

We are getting use to it. If we get a day where the sun peeks out, we can't even enjoy it because we are fearing that it won't be around for long. Our girl's birthday is this weekend and we can count more rainy, cold and nasty birthdays than sunny ones but there is always sun before and sun after.

For me, weather is a big mood factor. It is very difficult, almost impossible to listen to the Beach Boys when it is grey and rainy. Maybe it is because I came from the land of surf and turf. Maybe if my family had not left Michigan when I was two weeks old, I would have toughened up. When I was a kid, my dad considered a job change to Seattle and while I don't remember all the details, weather played a big part in his not taking the job.

Don't have one on those lights that can change your mood by sitting in front of it. Ran out of chocolate days ago and tomorrow looks like more of the same. Nothing left to do by sing...

Mr Sun, sun
Mr Golden Sun,
please shine down on me.