It doesn't stand for what you think...Twitter, Google, IPhone and Facebook. Leonard Sweet.

BC - before cellphones. In 1973, Martin Cooper stood in front of the Hilton Hotel in NYC and made a call from the sidewalk to AT&T. The first cell phone call.
If you were born before 1973, you are an immigrant. Born after 1973, you are a native.

TGIF - this is a culture that sell relationships not products. Don't believe it, try getting out of your cell phone contract.

All this is mixed up with going to the Mac world and leaving the PC world behind. Gotta to say that the iPad has got me thinking so far ahead of what I thought was possible and with the Mac App store coming in January 2011, my pc days are over.

Had an issue with my camera connection for the Ipad which turned out to be a memory card issue but I spent several hours at the Apple Store today trying to figure out what direction to go. Got to pick the brains of a couple of 20 something young men and decided to go for the iMac desktop and use my iPad instead of getting a laptop. Each of them have the same set up and it works perfectly. They have Expert on their business cards, imagine I can't go too wrong with their advice.

As I invested myself in their knowledge, I kept thinking about the TGIF thing. Everywhere in the Apple Store, one is bombarded by images. Fast, striking, big and colorful. I see what I see now. If you are around me, you won't hear anymore about leaving Twitter...I am in for good. I see the benefit and truly, want to see the world through their eyes. They are awesome....

After spending a couple of hours there, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a woman way older than me - buying an iMac. She didn't look like the Apple type, the times they are a changin. After spending 20 minutes with my last Expert, the best thing ever happened. He offered me a job at the Apple Store. I told him I study Steve Jobs' Keynote speeches like I was going for college credit. Seems like I am headed in the right direction... Now, if I only lived closer to the Mall...