Heard the other day about a woman going through some Big Stuff and the familiar theme of, Why is this happening? What did I do wrong? Why is God mad at me? It is a played out by many who in a time of crisis, forget what they know, who they belong to and let their emotions completely take over. I have been there too but God help me, there has to be more than trusting God when things are ok to excellent and drop off the face of His earth when times get tough. It think it may have Something to do with relationship vs checklist.

Put religion, church and and feelings aside, what is the dance you do with God? How do you two relate? If someone could listen to your prayer time with Jesus, what would they hear?

I have had this particular conversation with fa few closefriends a million times because until you go through it, not sure you know how you will respond. YOu hope you will be strong. Everyday your relationship has the opportunity to grow. Someone once likened it to the phone ringing, you answer and would you recognize Jesus's voice immediately or would you have to ask, who is this? Obviously you would know immediately a voice that you have a good relationship with. Just like in Real Life...well, for everyone but Gage.

Me: Hey Buddy, how you doing? Have you had a good week at school? What was the funniest thing you did? I sure miss you Gage.

Gage: Who is this?

Me: It is your nana

Gage: Oh, you all sound alike.

That is Gage. I'm pretty sure he was just being the comedian that he loves to be. He knows my voice but loves to mess with me.

Forget the checklists or the things you think He wants to here. Just have a relationship with Him. Thank him for the people in your life. Tell him what is going on with you, the good and the bad. Sit on a swing and just hold hands, crawl up into His lap and let Him hold you. The rest will come and it will all fit together...