Cyber Monday...

If you are not the Black Friday type, maybe today's biggest online shopping day of the year might appeal to you a bit more. Still not feeling great, there was no online shopping for me but Black friday was a different Story.

The difference is in your expectations. If you really believe that getting in line hours early to get one of 20 $ 199.00 TV's. you and I are not of the same species. This is the only day of the year, I get good vibes from the hustle and bustle that can only be found at 5am. Not looking for anything in particular but could not turn down winter boots for $25, made my day. That an dwalking around with my grandson checking it all out.

We met up with the rest of the fam and took over a makeshift living room complete with couch and two chairs. I stood in line for almost 40 minutes to get gift certificates for those who spent enough money to qualify and met some great people. The young militiary girl who had her phone stolen the day before. The 18 year old kid called to tell her he had changed her password and she told him there was alot of military information on that phone that he didn't want to be caught with - later that day not only was he caught with the phone but also drugs. Not a great day for him.

Met an IT gentleman and we had a spirited talk about Apple and Microsoft. He said, If you are looking for media, video, photos or music - Apple can't be beat. If you are looking for productivy, go with a pc. The most honest pc person I have ever met.

For me, it is the perfect day. not to hurry. You immediately notice the ones who would mow down their own mothers for a $9.99 sweater and steer clear of them but most everyone is as nice as they can be. Must be the christmas dust that the Mall spreads around before they open the doors.

Hope those of you who shopped today, got the bargains you were hoping for from the comfort of your home. The only you might have gained from a BF experience is some good Stores and that is worth a bit of effort anyday...