you were put here, for this Moment...

Let's be more amazed that we are forgiven, than that we are right/John Piper.

In the middle of some serious study. My head is whirling and my heart is full. It is about joining the culture of Today, the one God has put me in with the one I was raised it. I live in a world where text has gone from being a noun to a verb. The average 13 year old sends over 3400 text messages a month. I couldn't have imagine the world we live it today. A world that is foreign to what I know yet, I am here for a reason.

To know a culture, you have live with them. Do what they do, become a part of their community. You have to have some credibility and that doesn't happen without involvement. You have to speak their language and when they know that, then you have made a Way. This culture is not about works, they are about images. TGIF... it's not what you imagine, Twitter, Google, IPhone and Facebook. The currency of this culture is images not words/Leonard Sweet.

You and I were put here, for this very Moment, and we need to create some creditability. The only way to do that is too immerse yourself in this generation. Need a starting point? Follow Apple for a while and then go out, spread the Gospel of Jesus in a way that this culture will respect because we cared enough to learn their ways. I could not be more excited. TGIF, from this Moment on.