Alcohol, at times, made me a fool...George W Bush

Fool/noun...Someone who very much likes something specified.  [quotations ▼]
1975, Foghat, "Fool for the City" (song), Fool for the City (album): I'm a fool for the city.

Like him or not, George Walker Bush, 43, is very an interesting character. Caught his interview with Oprah today and was impressed. Anyone who admits to being a fool can't be all bad and as I learned today, looks like being a fool can go several different ways.

If Wikionary is right, one could be a fool for a good reason. Still not convinced that being a fool for either side is Something to be proud of even though I am a full-fledged card-carrying member of the club. Right now, I have several things that I like very much, going on. Some are physical like MacQuesting and some are theory which are just as strong, some days even stronger.

Can one be a fool in any category and live a healthy, mental life? I have seen what believing in nothing looks like as well as religion, both at less than their very best. Maybe it is alright to be a fool with conditions? Maybe not.

At any given time, we are all excited about Something. Something that we wish everyone would love to learn about and share with the world. What about your fool?

What does that look like for you, today?
Is it a negative or a positive?
How would giving it up, change your life

Thinking my fools issues are now in preliminary mode and will either sink or swim, die a natural death or join the ranks of permanent files on my hard drive. Still uncomfortable about the very word, fool but thinking flushing them out and dealing with them, may be the way to go...