women and birthdays...

A group of women, a surprise birthday party, great food and fabulous conversation. We should each experience it at every so often in our lifetime. I imagine that all women talk about the same things at birthday parties. Age,parents, children, husbands, sex. Milestones met and new ones to come.

We sat around the table eating got food and then sharing fondue. One big conversation and at other times, small ones going on around the table. The Birthday Girl is wearing a crown and pink beads, you could pick her out of a crowd.

There is just Something about a group of women sharing that is a little slice of heaven. Ranging in age from 42 to 58, the conversation flows from topic to topic. Sidebars come naturally and often. Over 2 1/2 hours later, we each have gotten our 2000 words out for the day and collectively, go our own ways.

Great way to end the week. A little bit of living in the Moment, with a foot in the Past and in the Future. Loved it!

PS. The conversation about Denzel Washington - you couldn't drag it out of me,