the blond in the t-bird...

Keaton now has a thing for Happy Days. Richie Cunningham and The Fonz are high on his list and as any good nana would do, I need to keep up with his ongoing knowledge of all Things Cool. On Friday, we got into a little discussion about American Graffiti which has one of his favorite actors, Harrison Ford. He couldn't believe it so we started Googling AG. Richie and Shirley were there which later led to Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley but also Richard Dreyfuss who Keaton loved in Jaws. It is at the top of the list for the next sleepover if not sooner.

So, its 2AM and DH and I are going to bed and I start telling him all about this wonderful conversation with our grandson. As I proceed to go through the cast of characters, he says, Oh yeah and Suzanne Somers was the blond in the t-bird. No, I tell him, I don't remember her being in American Graffiti. This movie came out in 1973, the year our girl was born - this is the man who can't always remember my birthday or our anniversary which is the very next day but he remembers the name of an actress in a movie over 37 years ago. I am so sure he is wrong, either because it was very late or very early. I couldn't sleep, finally got up , turned on the iPad and after searching the exhautive cast, found Suzanne Somers, near the end. We had a good laugh and finally were able to get some sleep.

I should not be surprised. There are a few things that we women should never bet against with men. When on a diet with a man, never bet. Never, even if they are prone to cheating. There is Something about their DNA that allows them to kick your butt everytime. Find something else, but never weight loss. The other thing is women. Men have an uncanny knack for remembering things we don't want them to when it comes to blonds in t-birds. Again, can they helpd themselves? I think not. It is better to go with the flow and understand they are who they are and we are not going to change them and learn to buy your own birthday presents...word.