cling or flee...

I’ve decided I am too tired to wonder why God allows suffering. I’m too tired for a lot of things. I’ve gotten to the point where I will either give up religion all together, or cling to it like a buoy. 6yearmed.

Could not have said it better myself. Imagine that being a doctor, while as wonderful as it may be, at times - presents like a nightmare. The pain of accidental injuries, and many, more consistent with negligence and Things Far More Sinister.

There is one place that can make a huge difference in your life and that is the relationship between a father and his child. If it is a bad one, it will color everything, for the rest of your life. God, trust, authority figures, learning to become a woman - all colored by the lens you see your father. You learn to live with it but there is always that Lingering doubt.

You can learn to live with it.
You can learn to cope.
You do the best you can and you may find, you would still rather cling than flee

If you don't have the daddy handicap, you have the ability to fly and soar. I could not be more happy for my grandchildren that their father has given them the greatest gift a father can, a great sense of Love. They thrive under his Love and because of that, the idea of a loving God - seems so natural to them. I imagine that the cling or flee response is a bit easier for them. I hope I have learned something from Miss M and my favorite son in law. All dads aren't bad, I know that but it is not, my natural default.

If you aren't as lucky as Miss M, you will have to learn as I have, that God is not like your earthly father. That he is cut from a different kind of cloth and you are doing yourself a disservice, if you continue Down The Path. Cling or flee, the choice is always yours but make sure you use facts not emotions to make those choices...