know better, do better...

The quote is from Maya Angelou. In theory, it should work. In theory, if you put forth the effort with husband, children - most anything, there should be a good outcome.

Every time this kid plays basketball, there is a whole team of Big People, cheering him and his brother and sister, on. They have the best support system I have ever seen. People have commented, over the years, at The Fam Club that follows them around.

We do it because we are crazy about them
and because we could do it, no other way...

There may be another lesson of Love that we are teaching them. One that we give little to no thought to - they may pass off this Love to their own children. I think about who they will marry, their kids and grand kids, alot. Praying for those I will never meet, those who these guys will Someday be responsible for. If our Love takes them Down that Path, it would just be icing on the proverbial cake.

We shout, we cheer, we hug, we give high fives. We live a cheerleader existence and, we wouldn't have it any other way. Go Sharks!