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Being embarrassed it a tough thing. No matter what age you are, we all at times find ourselves a little red in the face. The degrees of what is embarrassing is as diverse as each of us.

We use the same word or explain it as the act of being embarrassed whether we wet our pants or someone says something really nice about us. Basic human nature keeps us in check from wanting to embarrass people, except for siblings and friends. When spouses to it to each other and we are witnesses, we become embarrassed for them.

A good sense of self, will bring fewer embarrassing Moments because we are able to laugh along with the crazy things we all do. So will, getting older. As we age, we seem to understand that stuff happens and learn to roll better with it.

So, put your best foot forward and if something happens. see if you can laugh it off instead of taking it to heart. Grab your invisible pom poms and celebrate the fact that you are human and embarrassment happens...