this one...

...keeps you on your toes. A sleepover with him is constant. Motion, action, love. He could easily have been an only child. We tripped the Mall fantastic. this rest of the evening was non-stop Wii, Xbox, iPad and reading. Jimmy Neutron is our go to movie to end the night and then a bit of downtime.

Morning brought new energy and we started our day with more reading, still Captain Underpants. Got dressed and with our checkers and bowling dice in hard, headed for the Flying M. I asked if we could stop at a local park and take a few pictures. He is headed for a haircut and I wanted to capture this hair season of Gage before it was too late. He asked how many, I said, maybe 10. Literally I shot less than a minute and came home with some treasures. I thanked him and we proceeded with our day.

He is a pleasure to spend time with. He is too smart for his own good and that smile...that smile, does and will continue to melt hearts and not just mine. The girls already ask to sit by him at lunch. They are so obvious, he knows they like him. He is street smart and at almost 9, already knows more than I did as a teenager.

just the right amount of wrong... heard this Somewhere and instantly thought of him. If you have a one in your life like this one, you know what I mean. Life seems a bit dull tonight, without him around. Poppa and I will have to learn to make due by ourselves and look forward to more This One time later. Thanks dude, we had a blast!