the roots of Love...

This is the prayer that I pray for each of my gkids every morning. I have taken and will continue to take liberties with this verse, for as long as I pray it.

It is a simple prayer. It is a statement and a belief. It is faith, mine for them and for theirs, as it grows in their life. We are both in different places. While I had no idea about God at their ages, I see that faith seems to come easier to a child. They make sense of Things that we Big People seem to struggle with.

It is a very specific prayer. It reminds me of a root system. What would be the point of praying for protection from the wind, if there was nothing to hold up a tree? There are lots of wonderful, important things to pray for but this, is mine to do for them. They know I pray for them everyday. That is all they need to know. I answer their questions the best I can when asked. If I don't know, I tell them that and get back to them with an answer.

Keaton and i were crusing books last weekend. He is always, always looking at books and this was the first time, he asked to go to the christian section. He read from a few books and made a choice. He had a hard time deciding between 2 of the books - I made it simple, we got them both. That is how we roll.

I don't care what they read or see or feel. If they understand john316 in any context, on any level, that will be enough for me. At their age, I had nothing. No roots, and believe me, every wind that came along - rocked my world. Enough to last a lifetime. Little dudes shouldn't have to live like that but they do. I know them, I understand. I've seen quite a bit. I know what is possible. For many years, that was my root system.

for you so loved me,
that you gave your son.
and now, my root system is deep in you by my own choosing, with all my heart.
so when the winds come,I will be held in strong,loving arms both now and forevermore

Not sure one could ask for more...