5150 for everyone...

Started the day watching a bit of the Charlie Sheen marathon,I Am Just Fine, Thank You Very Much. It didn't take long to figure out he was the only one who thinks that. Throughout the day, no ramblings. Today, GMA, and later an hour on TMZ. By early evening, the news channels were all in agreement that a mental holiday was the next natural and safe choice.

Just a few hours later, the premiere of Anthony Bourdain's, No Reservations. Had seen the previews, knew it was Haiti and Sean Penn. From the very beginning, I was reminded that Haiti, for most of us, had it's 15 minutes of my attention and a benefit concert and then would fade and I would be off to the next disaster. I was right and felt a bit ashamed. @ million people, with 1 1/2 million displaced. They loss over 300, 000 of their own in a day. They no longer are willing to be photographed by every media outlet because it nothing has changed. They feel like they have been used, and thrown aside. I think, they are right.

It was not a feel good show, even Tony admitted that as he twitted through the new episode but he did manage to share their art, their creativity in the face of less than no hope odds. He told how a gesture of goodwill, backfired. After talking to his producers, they decided to buy one woman's tent-side restaurant out and feed the local kids and mayhem broke out. A short term, feel good solution that turned out to be not so good.

Seen Penn went for a few weeks and found more than he bargained for. He helped set up a 55,000 person tent city and continues to help. It was a year ago on January 12, 2010 and JPHRO is now in full force, on the ground running. I imagine that many people felt the way I did, Haiti was so poor before and all the monies that came in, more than likely, will never be used for the Haitian people. They came from nothing and expect, not much more.

Charlie Sheen probably has snored enough drugs that he could have single-handily, rebuilt Haiti. Such a dichotomy of feelings. The Haves and the HaveNots.

No rhyme or reason
No fairness
No answers.

Another day of living the questions, as it should be, everyday...