US Congressman Chris Lee. If his name doesn't seem familiar, you may have seen his photo. The half-dressed, shirtless man, holding a phone was the photo he sent to a woman on Craiglist. To make sure there was no misunderstanding, he emailed his incorrect age, incorrect marital status and a few other misnomers.

The photo hit the Internet at 233pm. By, 600pm, he had resigned from the House of Representatives. Less than four hours later, from hero to zero.

On a larger front, watching the fall of Egypt's president has been almost unbelievable. Starting on January 25, with a few college protesters and ending on February 11, with a 24 hours crazy time. The end of a 30 year reign, it becomes very evident that business as usual, in not usual.

Time is no longer an issue. There is no Place to hide, everything is invisible. It is almost hard to believe that in the case of the congressman, that he would not get that. Those who have chose the same path before him, surely he had seen the enviable outcome. Did he really think, he would be different? That he was invisible?

For Egypt, it took 18 days. Toppling a roots, deep regime in q short period of time that will re-write history. There was virtually no organization, no core, no leadership and with far less violence than one would imagine. Their voice came in the hundreds of thousands, chanting, waving with roots-deep commitment in their tone.

What does that mean for me and you? No one is invisible. It may appear that you are but you are not. Who you are deep, deep down - will come to the surface. Your root system will be evident at ground level. At your core where you live out your life, starts Somewhere else. A transparent place that is lived out in a very, solid way.

The invisible, made visable. It is for everyone of us. It is for today and tomorrow and all the days, after that. Living a visable life with invisible roots...