mine no more...

I can't remember where I heard it. It was a man and I think it was on TV. Just a short sentence but it keeps coming back again and again. Could it be true?

He said something to the effect that you can not forgive someone for doing something bad if it wasn't done to you. For example, if someone does something to your child or spouse - forgiveness has to come from them, to the one whom the bad was done. I don't know if I agree or not. I don't know if it is just words or if there is some truth to the theory. I do know that I carry around grudges that have nothing to do with me and that is what bothers me.

Forgive (fer-giv)
to grant pardon for or remission of offense, sin, etc.
to cancel a debt or obligation
to grant pardon

Maybe he is right. What if it is true? How would my life change? I have spent hours thinking about situations in my life that would be totally resolved because like everyone else, I carry a so - called unforgiveness torch for wrongs to those I care about. Sometimes it is about people I don't even know but their Story has become a part of me. Maybe we treat forgiveness too carelessly in our efforts to hold on and resist. Maybe true forgiveness can only come from the one who was wronged and our job is to support them and help them see the benefits of granting pardon or canceling a debt instead of trying to hold them back because we are not able to forgive.

Something inside me tells me it it may be true and something tells me, my life would change considerably, if I followed that path. Jesus died for my sins, He was the only One who could. I need to figure out who I need to forgive and not worry about what isn't mine. It will take some time to sort it out, so many vines winding in and out that will need to be seperated. I think it is time to go Down That Road...