the fisherman...

He works hard.
Mostly 7 days a week.
He is on call 24/7 when the plant is running.
December 23, 2008 - he will have 42 years at this job
and a minimum of 2 more to go.

He is a man from a different era.
Being available for the job is all he knows.
He has missed birthday parties and Thanksgiving dinners
and now it is starting to bother even him.

He is kind of like a kid,
you never know when he may be paying attention.
He doesn't say much, but today after being laid off for 2 weeks,
the thought of going back, makes him physically ill.

They called today and he was on call to go if they couldn't figure it out,
but he didn't tell me and said, let's go fishing... so we did.

We also hit the Mall and had dinner at PF Chang's.
Someday, we will get to choose what we do,

The first day back is always about putting out fires that have been allowed to burn,
and the rest of the week will be a logistical nightmare.
There will be long days and little sleep.
The phone will ring in the middle of the night,
that annoying Caribbean music that is really loud so we can hear it.

So I take this photo and will get it out for him when the going gets rough,
and remind him that Someday, it will be all about the fishing...