Is it difficult to be a photographer?

This blog post made me smile. While I haven't been in these same positions, I recognize the pose. We photographers will do just about anything to get the picture that we see in our minds. I have been flat on my back and stomach, trying to get that shot. Sometimes it is there and sometimes you miss the mark but just anticipating what you will see when you go home and download your memory chip, give you that Photographer High.

But, back to the question - is it difficult to be a photographer? For me, it is a great lesson in learning to live in the moment. You many not get to take every shot you want, there may be people/places/things in your way and people do blink, at the worse times but you also learn patience and that is the stuff that builds character. Shooting kids is so fun, always on the go and never sure how they are going to react or what they are going to do. Keaton was fooling around one day and pretended to pick his nose then a week later, Gage wanted me to take the same picture of him. Go figure.

Finally, I found something that makes me so happy. Post editing is as much fun as shooting and you add digital scrapbooking on top of that and it just doesn't get any better. Tomorrow we are going back to the Big City to take some more urban shots and I am downright giddy about it. Difficult, maybe on the body but it is a good burn - wouldn't trade it for the world...