When you are a nail...

...everything else looks like a nail... Truer words were never spoken and while I so resemble that remark, I do see the potential flaws in an otherwise, brilliant statement.

Call it passion, or aggression or what I think is often the case, survival. Our first instinct is one of protection. The second is dubious in nature. If we make it through the first and second instincts and still haven't swung, you/it may still have a chance to get away unharmed. Quick to anger, our nature is one of immediacy - no time to overthink. The nature of the hammer is to strike quickly with the greatest of accuracy not being the main goal.

This hammer thing will last a lifetime. The key is to be in charge of it and not let the hammer rule. Use it when needed, don't overuse it. Embrace your inner Lion but tame the Beast when necessary. Now... if I only had a sleeve like Justin's.