Do Re Mi...

I turn on the news and it's all about pirates.
Pirates...really? 2009?

Then I woke up with the most real dream I can remember. I was pregnant with twins. I have this pregnancy dream every few months. Have had it for the last 20 some years. Usually I am panicked and the main theme going thru my head is - I have to start all over again at my age. Last night's dream was different and has stayed with me, most of the day so while pregnant thoughts and pirate panic are invading my much needed mental hard drive space, I find myself day dreaming about being in Belgium and having this experience.

While my perfect musical experience would not have Julie Andrews as its main star, it still feels worthwhile. Coming down from my Easter and Princess birthday high, this fit the bill and more. I found myself singing along and ready to dance my way into their Moment. There were no thoughts of pirates or having babies or anything but Do Re Mi. Maybe the Von Trapp's didn't have it so bad after all. When push came to shove, they had their musical talent to get them out of trouble. A happy song with happy thoughts - I must remember that. Be that as it may, try to get this song out of your head for the rest of the day. Assuming you won't be able to...enjoy!