The Love of God. I have been wrestling with this theme for a while now. Not for myself, I have been good with waiting for answers until the other side of heaven but keep having this nagging feeling that I am missing something.

I have got pieces of the Puzzle from some conversations with those whom I share my Page with and think I am getting closer to getting whatever it is there is to get. This is what it looks like in my mind.

The Love of God is not like a bigger version of parental love. It is not even close.

It is not about solving the Mystery but pointing the direction toward the My Mystery.

You can't explain, it must be experienced.

It may not make sense but after weeks of living it, there seems to be a dropping of bread crumbs to follow and follow, I will. This Easter, my icon is Gage and his overwhelming desire to be a rockstar, complete with a mohawk and assorted instruments so he can sing,

Here I am to Worship,
Here I am to Bow Down,
Here I am to say that your my God

There truly is, No Greater Love...