If you send a photo to be printed, SOOC ( straight out of the camera) to a photo lab, they decided what part of the picture to keep and what to crop. I learned that the hard way. Only took once and from then on, I have cropped and resized my own photos. I choose the size I want and make my own 11x14 or 8x10 or whatever size I need. do my own cropping or enlarging, then send the saved file to Costco to be printed.

You resize - you choose
They resize - they choose.

How much and where,
Completely different look and feel.

Our lives work very much the same way. We can choose or we can let others choose - either way, we have to live with the consequences. Either you have to step up or step back. Knowing which direction to go and when to go, is the key. Sometimes it is better to hand over the resizing, not to people but to the One who made you. His cropping is at times, painful and hard to see why but in the end, someday it will make sense. Letting people pick for you is not always the right way to go but we sure give them the power, more often than we should.

Today, I am going to crop Gage's photo before I upload it to be printed. I am feeling pretty good about that. I love this face and know it well. How it looks hanging in a frame at my house can best be decided by me. It is the One who gave him to me that did all the cropping before he got here. Can't wait to see what else he has for this boy. I have high hopes that this boy will get it right more often than not. While he is in his MJ moonwalk phase, he sings Awesome God with more emotion than you could ever imagine. That is good enough for me...