July 20, 1069...

A week ago, I couldn't tell you where I was 40 years ago on a given day. I couldn't tell you where I was last week! but that all changed last week when in an instant, I knew. Without a shadow of a doubt and with unbelievable, clarity.

It was the summer of 1969. I had graduated on June 13 from Pacifica High School in Garden Grove, California and a few weeks after that had a Beach Day that changed the summer of 1969 and whatever plans I had. It had to do with no sunscreen and a all over body burn that landed me in bed for over a month which was where I was when the first man walked on the moon on July 20. I can't remember what part of that month but it was closer to the beginning than the end. I couldn't wear any clothing and had huge blisters and acres of skin that kept peeling off. It was a nightmare and not a great way to start my new independence from high school. I can remember thinking this was probably how my life was going to play out - a series of bad choices filled with painful consequences. Sunscreen wasn't a big deal in those days and I was an idiot but that night, I remember.

I was most certainly living in the Moment because while watching and thinking how cool, I didn't think past that. What would be next? Where would we go as a country? It was mainly, OH...bright and shiny...and ouch, that hurts Don't' think I thought much more about the whole moon thing after that, just went back to trying to get out of bed and get something going.

Little did I know that 28 years later, to the day - my only child would be married and that 40 years to the day, I would be having a full-blown sleepover at my grandkids home so said child and hubby could celebrate their 12th anniversary. It will be a night of whatever and a morning of several breakfasts. I am nothing if not the perfect short order cook.

Wish I could have told that poor girl stuck in bed with much pain, how it was going to turn out. Wish I could have let her know, the worse was behind her. She would be able to make her own choices and while there would be times of anger and craziness, the real craziness - the kind she had no control over and couldn't escape was about to get alot better. I would tell her, if you think this moon thing is awesome, JUST WAIT and see what is coming. It would be hard to almost impossible to take in, like if God hadn't of given us free will and sent the Plan of our lives down to us.

From there to here in 40 years...who could have imagined and this is just the Beginning... PS. gone on Monday, will be back on Tuesday!