happy days

It has been 3 weeks since the loss of Diet Coke at my house. Make no mistake, it has been a huge loss. In all fairness, I confess I have allowed myself, one a week. Never at a time when I feel the Need, just the opposite. Mexican food, my favorite is just not the esame without it. That has made me crazy.

The 21 day rule about changing a habit just doesn't work for me. I have to be convinced not conned. Had already been watching the Jamie Oliver Revolution but slowly became convinced that some things other than the DC needed to change. I had gotten away from making food from scratch and last week, that all changed.

I made salad dressing and ice cream at home. My Vita Mix can make ice cream in 2 minutes, less if I want a shake and taste better than anything I can buy. That sold me so next I went through my pantry and started throwing processed foods away. No more instant potatoes, cake mixes or frosting. No Rice a Roni or Stove top for us. Late in life to change but most of my life my generation has cooked so I have skills to fall back on. Not sure what this will look like in 6 months but the apprentice ship will be over and either I am on board or have decided, it is not that big of deal. To buy potatoes, take them home - peel, cook and mash when you can do instant, even the good instant ones from Costco, doesn't make sense- until it does and it is really starting to make sense.

Remember Richie Cunningham's mom, Donna Reed and all those 1950's moms? They didn't have treadmills or take classes at the gym yet they were fat or obese. I think the difference was food not exercise. Exercise is great but we can't exercise enough to get these processed food s out of our systems. We could exercise for days at a time and still not get ahead. My mind is telling me the difference is the food and that makes sense to me. Will see how this little experiment works - the next time I need a cake I will make the one I use to make, the Chocolate Mousse one that no one could ever get enough of. Good place to start, that and my ice cream...